When you invest in services or products for roof cleaning, you are going to get much more than a house that looks good. Although you may not be aware, your roof contributes a lot to the maintenance costs, and if you ignore it, your house can develop much larger issues in the future.

You might have noticed black streaks on your roof which look particularly ugly. These are actually a hardy type of algae called Gloeocaspa Magma, having a blue-green color. Algae might not look very harmful but the fact is that if you allow it to grow wild, it can eventually start compromising the asphalt shingles’ overall integrity which is why it’s so important to hire a roof cleaner sooner rather than later.

This infestation process of your shingles will start when airborne algae spores or even a single spore, lands and fixes itself onto the roof. It will then feed on the filler of limestone, which is there in the granules of your shingles. It will also then multiply and spread at an alarming rate. Many shingle manufacturers use limestone as a filler material because it reduces the making costs. The limestone makes the algae stronger because it is a food source for them, and it will start multiplying and then take over huge sections of the area on your roof.http://www.thisoldhouse.com/toh/asktoh/question/0,,401167,00.html

These stains are unseemly and gross, but they are sure indicators of the fact that your shingles are actually being devoured. If you leave the growth of algae unchecked for many days you are going to lose a lot of the granules on your roof, which is responsible for maintaining the roof’s reflective properties and is very important. When the granules on the surface are lost, the heat in the attic will build up dramatically. Due to this, you will be spending much more on your utility bills, as you will be overworking your AC on hot summer days, to keep your house cool.read her latest blog post for more information and updates.


Apart from that, losing shingle granules will result in quicker erosion of the surface of your roof, and that means your roof will lose many years of its intended life. This really makes me wonder why any owner would not invest in a proper product or hire a professional service for roof mold removal as it is going to increase the lifespan of their roof. So it would be wise to take this advice and get a proper roof cleaning done to protect the costliest asset you have, which is your home.

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