Do you live in a city that forces you to live on a small block of certain kind of housing, or a small box of apartment complexes? And you think that it is very important to arrange your things as effective as possible to make each of your rooms kept comfortable all the time, including your private spot, your bedroom? This short description is going to help you then!

The modern bed that looks like a sofa is a good idea for a small room. It can have both functions as a seating place and as the main bed. A sleeping lamp located right beside the desk and a bookshelf right above it can significantly save room space.

A thin and tall wardrobe can be inserted between the wall and the desk so it doesn’t disturb the other available space. And below the double function sofa bed, there are some additional shelves for books, clothes, and other stuff. You still get enough space for the carpet for the unpredictable activity on the floor. Even though the room is small, don’t forget to give enough ventilation to keep the room’s air fresh and healthy.

This kind of bedroom arrangement is quite unique and clearly helps you to save the space of your small room. This kind of composition doesn’t really give the impression of the lack of room space. This arrangement tends to give the impression of creativeness of the owner.

The bedroom, bookshelf, desk and the project table are all together in one line. They are just parallel! People might infer that the owner is intentionally doing so for the sake of art, not to save the limited space. This arrangement is still rarely applied so, it’s going to be a good start for you to have it as the pioneer in between your friends.

Having a strong correlation with wall bedroom paintings, this kind of bedroom decoration gives us the inspiration to paint everything we want on our wall. Want to travel the world or fanatically love the subject of geography? The above picture is an example expressing your interest in it. Considering the room composition of all the stuff inside, let’s pay attention to it.


The dresser, desk and bookshelf are combined in one spot. No matter how small the room is, there’s still available space to take a deep breath and relax. The bedroom position that is located next to the window allows us to enjoy cool trees and weather outside.for more details, read more information at this link.

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